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Author's note and thanks

This homepage - except the texts of the youngest generation about themselves - was created by Elisabeth Schoeck who would like to thank Erika Schmidli and Chris Walton for their help with the english version. I don't regret having learnt Ancient Greek instead of English in my school days, but because of the different letters I'm not even able to publish one of my favourite epigrams here on the web - at least I've tried a German translation of those two lines on hospitality which are hanging over our front-door:

Landsmann und Fremder sind beide mir lieb; allein schon zu fragen
Nach dem Wer und Woher, zeugt nicht von gastlichem Sinn.
Jennifer Niederst's book "Designing for the Web" (O'Reilly 1996) was very helpful for my first attempt in HTLM.

© for all parts of this homepage: Schoeck CH-6440 Brunnen

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